COVID-19 Protocol
Active social life goes on.

Remaining connected to the life around us, no matter how short or long these interactions are, is an integral part of anyone’s psychological needs. And being referred to as needs, it should be met, especially for ages wherein social life tends to decline. This scenario is mostly, if not all, true with our aging loved ones. Family members have their own life and agenda, leaving their loved ones who could only stay at home alone.

Here at Brave Hearts Home Care, we have caregivers who provide genuine companionship, comfort, and emotional support whenever they’re with your lonely loved one. They could be travel companions and event chaperones, just to make it possible for your loved ones to attend important life events, such as weddings, and even the most chill hang out with an old friend for coffee or going out for lunch. Our caregivers are flexible to keep you safely engaged in your chosen lifestyle.